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jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

International Jazz Festival

Many festivals held in Cuba are centered around the arts such as music, dance, art, and even film making. One of these such festivals is the annual Cuban International Jazz Festival which was founded by many well known Cuban jazz musicians which includes Bobby Carcasses (the very well known Afro-Cuban jazz "Havana Jazz Festival." The very first venue for this jazz concert was the Casa de La Cultura Plaza in downtown Havana which is still home to many music and jam sessions that take place to this very day. Based on the festival's booming success the concert has extended to include all the main concert halls in Havana, not to mention the spontaneous street jam sessions that that take place . The event features cuban artists and artists that come from all over the world including Argentina, Chile, the United States (in the past), and many other countries who come to celebrate their love of jazz .
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16 December 2010
To : 19 December 2010